About the Book

One Day at a Time

Hope – Inspiration – Courage – Comfort – Love

These 5 ideals have been used by successful people, since the beginning of time, to improve their lives as well as enrich the world.

One Day at a Time will bring assurance and joy to your life as you read the 70 peaceful thoughts that bring understanding as to why you are here.

This powerful little book is ideal for those in doubt, need, or pain.



About the Author: Richard E. Whittaker is a lifelong entrepreneur and inventor. He is the founder of The R.E. Whittaker Co. His cleaning machines and chemical innovations have led to a number of patents and revolutionary techniques in the maintenance of carpets and hard surface floors. Whittaker’s approach to business and to life is to search for ways to help people. This has led to a lifetime of service to others resulting in enduring relationships with customers and friends.

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I often get the question, “How have you had such a long and successful life?” I try to have something good with which to look forward. It could be as simple as a dinner with friends, a forthcoming trip to Pittsburgh, etc. This keeps my mind free from bad thoughts that try to creep in. I also […]

Change | It Isn’t Easy

It is not easy to try to change your life. It is also hard to change someone else’s. What has surprised me is that many people are open to improving their lives through change. Don’t be afraid to dispense a small dose of Hope, Inspiration, Courage, Comfort, and Love To those who could use it. […]

Relationships | Consider the Feelings of Others

As we interact with others, it is important to consider their feelings as well as listen to their words. People who are filled up with themselves, and don’t consider the feelings of others, do not establish long and active relationships with anyone. They are thought of as brash, presumptuous, and tactless! Relationships are important, and […]