God Help Me To Realize…

  • god help meEverything just doesn’t come my way
  • Cars on the street go in two directions
  • Things will get better
  • The storm does not last forever
  • People don’t always mean what they say
  • You have to work for it
  • Life doesn’t go on forever
  • You can make a difference
  • Romance may be just around the corner
  • Divorce might also
  • Death might too
  • Kindness has no equal
  • Truth is fundamental
  • Grief is the price we pay for deep love
  • Love is meant to be shared
  • We all need hope and inspiration
  • Happiness is a wonderful feeling
  • Giving up is out of the question
  • Understanding is a lot better than a misunderstanding
  • Most everything is possible
  • Anger is just one D away from Danger

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