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Happy peopleI don’t know too many happy people. But, I certainly recognize them when I see them. And, when I get to know them, there is no question about it.

My wife died about two years ago, and I wondered if I could ever be happy again. I found out that I could.

When I selected a new church for a Sunday service, I got there early and took a seat in the very last pew in the center section. I was half an hour early.

As I watched the congregation arrive, I observed a lady who seemed to know every one that entered; and she struck me as the happiest person I had ever seen.

Surprisingly, as it got closer to 11 o’clock, she came in and sat down next to me. I later found out that I had taken the seat that she regularly occupied.

This went on for several Sundays, and I finally broke the ice by asking her what made her so happy.

The answer was, “A divorce.” She was alone, I was alone, and we still are alone. But, we have had some wonderful times going out to dinner, the theater, and of course being in church together.

Now you will recognize two happy people, if you join us in the last pew!

Being happy sends a message – The right message.

Be sure your name is on it.

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