Love | We All Need to Know We Are Loved

  • Share the loveLove is used in many ways.
  • The surprising thing is the phrase, “I love you,” in the past was almost never spoken between older adults and their children.
  • When I brought this up at a group meeting of people sixty years and older, there was almost 100% agreement with what I just wrote.
  • All of us need to use these important words among those we love.
  • I have a hard time believing every one somehow cannot utter, “I love you,” when it is appropriate.
  • People just seem to take it for granted that others are aware of these unspoken thoughts. They are not!
  • The good news is that I hear younger people using, “Love, Love Ya, All My Love,” seemingly all the time.
  • Who says we aren’t making progress!
  • This blog, I hope, will be a reminder that we all need to know that we are loved.

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  1. Please prayer for me I’m going thought real hard times in my life. I’m in my 50s I use a walker to get around I want to walk with out my walker so I can move on with my life I have real bad anxiety Panic attack Depression. All of this causes me to lose my balance shake and sometimes fall And I get dizzy Praying for restoration my relationship With my true love Connie To get back together again To communicate With each other To be more closer with each other And for Connie to gain her trust back with me And the restoration of my health and well-being financial breakthrough to talk. An to Express myself an just Speak not be Quiet. An to stop having fear That’s stop me for Going forward in my life


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